A weekend of volunteer trainings

Last weekend the BADP and ACCESS held our first combined volunteer training. Welcome to our 12 newly trained doulas!

On Saturday the ACCESS training modeled a social justice lens for approaching reproductive health issues and introduced volunteers to the organization’s three-pronged approach to addressing injustice: practical support, the healthline, and activism.

Sunday’s training, led by BADP co-coordinator Poonam Dreyfus-Pai, offered an explanation of the BADP’s goals, the abortion doula role, and practice with specific support techniques.  Rani, a BADP doula and massage therapist, taught the doulas how they can relax and support a patient through meditation and massage while in the clinic or during their procedures. This was especially helpful for doulas who need to communicate with patients who do not speak English and cannot communicate their anxiety or stress due to language barriers.


These trainings not only convey a lot of information and skills, but they’re a great setting for volunteers to build up energy for the work that lies ahead of us and to forge relationships with sister volunteers. Watch for another training opportunity coming in October.

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