Announcing In-Home Support for Medication Abortions

We are thrilled to announce that starting today, the Bay Area Doula Project volunteer doulas will be offering in-home support to those experiencing medication abortions.

While providing the obvious benefits of privacy, confidentiality, and comfort, medication abortions pose some challenges to patients who may require extra support during their experience. Our doulas are prepared to offer free in-home physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual support during the medication abortion experience. BADP has created a comprehensive model for providing in-home support after months of careful planning and training. To do this, we have consulted with medical experts, home-birth professional doula groups, and abortion access communities to ensure that it has responded to various practical concerns: for example, client contracts will be used to address issues of doula and client safety and legality of practice. The BADP has also created internal procedures to provide on-going guidance to volunteer doulas as they provide in-home support to clients.


For clinics:

If you are a clinic providing women’s health care in the Bay Area, and would like to offer referrals for our in-home support services, please contact While it will be up to the clients to initiate a request for doula support, the BADP would be more than happy to make a presentation to your staff about the services offered that could then be described to patients. 

For finding support:

Click here to find out how you can get support.

For doulas and friends:

Our potential to serve women in their home through medication abortion depends on our network of contacts. If you know of a site that could refer patients to us for MAB support, please contact for outreach materials. Thank you so much for supporting our work!

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