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  • How Doulas and Abortion Funds Are Alike: Addressing Gaps in the Medical System, Without Judgement by Miriam Pérez
    (Published by RH Reality Check, July 17, 2013)
  • A Friend in Need: Abortion Doulas Help Women Through Hard Times by Lisa Hix
    (Originally appeared in BUST, issue #61, February/March 2010)
  • The Doula Movement: Making the Radical a Reality by Trusting Pregnant Women by Mary Mahoney
    (Published by RH Reality Check, January 27, 2010)
  • What Did the Doula Do? by Media_Justice
    (Published on the blog of Amplify, a project of Advocates for Youth, October 29, 2009)


  • Chor, J., Goyal, V., Roston, A., Keith, L., and Patel, A. 2012. Doulas as facilitators: the expanded role of doulas into abortion care. Journal of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care vol 38: pgs. 123-4.
  • Chor, J., Palmer, K., and Ethier, K. 2012. Development of an abortion doula program in a high-volume, urban abortion clinic. Contraception vol 86(3): pg. 300.
  • Veiga MB, Lam M, Gemeinhardt C, Houlihan E, Fitzsimmons BP, Hodgson ZG. 2011. Social support in the post-abortion recovery room: evidence from patients, support persons and nurses in a Vancouver clinic. Contraception vol 83(3): pg. 268-73.

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