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Holding Space for Sex During Labor and Childbirth with Clarissa Herman, MA

Posted by on 6.22.16 in Uncategorized

  by: Scarlett McIntosh Clarissa Herman joined us in May for a discussion about sexuality and childbirth as a part of our Salon Series. She holds a Master’s degree in Sexuality Studies and has experience working with survivors of sexual and domestic violence. As a labor & postpartum doula, she noticed how difficult it was […]

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Non-Attached to Outcome Motivational Interviewing in Full Spectrum Work

Posted by on 4.1.16 in Uncategorized

by: Lauren MacDonald    Maggie Downey and Svea Vikander joined us for our March Salon Series and brought along their toolbox for motivational interviewing and how it can be applied to full spectrum work. Both coming from professional backgrounds, Maggie MSW and PHD student and Svea, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, presented in a very compassionate […]

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Moon Blood Magic with La Loba Loca

Posted by on 4.1.16 in Uncategorized

Summary of the “Moon Blood Magic” Salon Series with La Loba Loca

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Become an Abortion Doula!

Posted by on 2.23.16 in Uncategorized

We are excited to announce that our Spring “open-call” training will be on April 16-17, 2016! This training is available to anyone interested in providing abortion doula services to their clients and communities. Our priority is ensuring that everyone who wants an abortion doula has access to one. About the BADP Open-Call Training:   This […]

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November Salon Series: The Pill and Patriarchy

Posted by on 12.24.15 in Uncategorized

By: Lauren MacDonald  Our November Salon Series was inspired and guided by Kristen Portney, a doula and student of psychotherapy. She offered to share her curiosity, personal experience, and research about hormonal birth control with the BADP community. She led us in a discussion about how the ancient wisdom of self-care, fertility tracking and health […]

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September Salon Series Summary: An Evening with Abortion Care Provider Dr. Shelley Sella

Posted by on 9.25.15 in Uncategorized

By: Lauren MacDonald The snapshot of our last Salon Series: a living room full of learners looking up to and engaged with Dr. Shelley Sella’s humble and thorough accounts of her journey working with people in need of reproductive health services, specifically abortion. Dr. Sella is an honored, awaited guest speaker to the Salon Series. […]

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My experience with a BADP doula

Posted by on 9.15.15 in Uncategorized

This blog post is written by a guest author, Teresa.  Hi! My name’s Teresa, I had an at-home (or in my case, in-hotel room) medical abortion in July with the help of BADP doula Christine. My experience was wonderful and I’ve been meaning to send in a testimonial of sorts since then. I’ve been kinda […]

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Posted by on 1.5.15 in Uncategorized

By Vanessa Norton Recently, I was having dinner with a friend I’ve known since we were eight. Her name is Jenn. She brought up an interesting question: does the coat hanger still hold power as a chilling symbol of pre-Roe v. Wade? Now that there are other methods of “back alley” abortions, what symbolic power […]

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Supporting an Adoption Birth

Posted by on 12.2.14 in Uncategorized

By Vanessa Norton In October, I had the opportunity to support a woman planning to adopted her baby out. This was the first and only time I’d doulaed an adoption birth. I knew there was a basic contradiction in what I felt should happen with Mama and Baby the first days after birth, and adoption. […]

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Posted by on 11.17.14 in Uncategorized

By Holly Carpenter I never really fully understood “Put your money where your mouth is” until today. A little background — two months ago, I graduated from a masters program and passed my board exam to become a certified nurse midwife. Soon after, I accepted a full time job at a hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. […]

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