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We are not currently accepting applications for trainings. Please check back here for updates.

Bay Area Doula Project offers two types of trainings:

1.) Community Training. This 2-day training provides a brief overview of abortion procedures and processes, while focusing on the development of pain management techniques and emotional support skills so that doulas can advocate for and support people in their community through medication and procedural abortions. The training includes values clarification exercises, in addition to role-plays and partnering practice; we know that everyone brings a wide range of reproductive health and reproductive justice experience to this work, and we want the training to be an opportunity for folks to learn from each other, as well. This is not a training to become an abortion expert, but rather on how to support people who are experiencing an abortion.

2.) Training with ACCESS Health Justice.  BADP does not directly provide volunteer doula services to people seeking abortions. We partner with ACCESS so that their clients can be offered BADP-trained doulas in addition to practical support. If you are interested in providing volunteer doula services through to people seeking an abortion, please look into becoming an ACCESS volunteer: http://accesswhj.org/volunteer.

Participating in the Open Call training does not guarantee that you will become a practical support volunteer for ACCESS. If you have questions about this, please follow up with volunteering@accesswhj.org.

Questions about BADP’s trainings?  Email info@bayareadoulaproject.org!

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