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What does a full-spectrum doula do?

"So, what exactly does an abortion doula do?" This inevitable question comes up in the course of talking about one's work as a full-spectrum doula and is not always easy to answer. Luckily, there are some amazing resources out there from others who have been able to articulate their roles in a clear, informative, and personal manner. 

As part of their 1 in 3 Campaign, a series of videos of people telling their abortion stories, an organization called Advocates for Youth recently posted a video of Bianca from The Doula Project in NYC talking about her work as an abortion doula. In the video Bianca talks about the scope of The Doula Project as an organization as well as her personal role as a one-on-one abortion doula. She describes what she does before, during, and after the procedure and ends with a personal story of why this work is meaningful for her. Overall it's an awesome video and I would highly recommend checking it out here.

 Another fabulous resource for people doing full-spectrum doula work is Miriam Zoila Pérez's recently published book, The Radical Doula Guide. Miriam is a writer and reproductive justice activist, a former editor at and creator of the wonderful blog Radical Doula. As described on the blog, The Radical Doula Guide "provides an introduction to full spectrum doula work—supporting people during all phases of pregnancy, including abortion, miscarriage, birth and adoption—as well as a discussion of how issues like race, class, immigration, gender and more affect our work as doulas." Check out a review of the guide from feminist blogger Anna J. Cook, and order a copy of the book here

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