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Revolutionizing Doula Care Across the Country

The Bay Area Doula Project is proud to be part of the full-spectrum doula movement. That's why we love this map from Calyx Doulas in Portland, that shows how the movement is growing.


Want to join the movement? We're currently accepting registrations for abortion doula training.


Bay Area Event Calendar

You love learning, making new friends, and building community at the Salon Series events each month, but what's a doula to do in between time? Have no fear, a new Bay Area Doula Project event calendar is here! We have a brand new calendar with upcoming events, both hosted by us and by our friends in the community, for you to peruse and enjoy. We will also put out all of the upcoming events in each newsletter, so stay tuned.

Upcoming Events

  • Bay Area Birth Justice Fair, Saturday, April 6th, 11:00am
  • Birth Justice Project Monthly Meeting, Tuesday, April 16th, 7:00pm
  • Panel: “The Maximum Family Grant Rule: Invading Privacy, Punishing Moms, Harming Kids”, Thursday, April 18th, 4:00pm
  • Visit our calendar for info on these and more events!
Want to see your events on our calendar? Submit it to us by 5:00pm on the Wednesday of the 2nd week of the month to be included in our newsletter announcements that reach a wide network. Submit an event any time to have it posted on our calendar. Questions? Email Becky at

Our ongoing training for in-home abortion support - in pictures

At last weekend's quarterly meeting which also serves as continuing training for volunteer doulas, our facilitator told us that the most important thing for supporting others is to be in a grounded place ourselves. Then she asked us to put away our notebooks and focus on beng fully present for guided meditation, a listening exercise, and massage instruction.

So I don't have a lot of notes from the gathering, but she and I did manage to snap a few pictures.

PS. Thanks to The Radical Doula for sharing the news that we're now offering in-home support for medication abortion. We'd be grateful to anyone else who can help us get the word out.



Honoring Legacies of Justice: 40 Years of Roe v. Wade

This is a guest post by Reverend Darcy Baxter who is a Unitarian Universalist Minister, currently serving as Director of Family and Youth Ministries at Starr King Unitarian Universalist Church in Hayward, CA. In addition to her congregationally-based work, she is a teacher, facilitator, and public speaker in the broader community on issues of reproductive justice, faith and religion, movement vitality, and the moral/theological legitimacy of progressive politics. Reproductive justice has been the soil of her theological work, starting from the human suffering that is revealed and addressed (or not addressed) through abortion provision. Prior to pursuing liberal religious ministry, she worked at the National Abortion Federation and Howard University. Rev. Baxter currently serves on the board of directors of the Abortion Conversation Project, is a member of the Center for American Progress’ Faith and Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute, and a member of the Reproductive Health Technologies’ Project Speaker Bureau on Abortion Access and Reproductive Equity.



Honoring Legacies of Justice: 40 Years of Roe v. Wade

By Darcy Baxter

In the past few months, I’ve had the good fortune of attending two Bay Area Doula Project events: the “Building a Doula Movement: A Roundtable & Holiday Party” in December and, last week, The Radical Doula Guide Release Party. At both events, I heard people say that they wanted a doula for everything in life—a break-up doula, a big-test doula, a get-in-shape doula.

What I heard these women expressing was a deep desire for more support in their life—and not
just any kind of support but doula kind of support.

From Miriam Zoira Perez’s

“I was attracted to abortion doula work from the beginning. Not only did it bring together two of my big interests–pro-choice and birth activism–it just seemed to make sense. Of course the skills of a doula would be transferable to other moments like abortion. There are those who believe the two roles are contradictory. To those people I say: my goal during each is the same. I’m there to support the person giving birth/having an abortion/miscarriage. I’m not focused on the outcome, or the reason they are there. I’m focused on providing the best support possible. There is no contradiction there.”

As Miriam Perez articulates, a doula is not attached on ‘outcome’, but rather focuses on
supporting the person in their process—wherever that process may lead. For Perez, doulas
are committed to process over outcome. And there are many women who feel that they do not
have the kind of support in their lives where they, as human beings, are attended to and valued,
not for what they do or create, but for being who and what they are—a person in process of

Now, what does this all have to do with the service I have co-created and will lead this Sunday,
January 20th?

The service was created using a doula mentality. The way I approached creating and making
the service happen, the process of creating the service, was as important and valued to me as
the event itself. I’ve been known to say that “the way we do is what we do.”

Practically, this meant holding open meetings, inviting all those interested in helping to create
the service participate. It meant doing regular check-ins with my co-organizers, spending time
listening and supporting one another in the things going on in our lives as we were organizing
the service. It meant cooking and serving the speaker/testifiers dinner on Monday and offering
all the support we could as they create their testimony.

The way we do is what we do.

What do they teach us in doula training? Stress and distrust of one’s body are the biggest ‘enemies’ of the birth process.

When I hear that people want a doula for everything in life, what I hear is a deep desire for
living a different kind of way. I hear a desire for community where relationship and process are
highly valued and attended to with respect. Where I am valued in my full, messy, imperfect
humanness, regardless of what utility I have to you, to an organization, to a movement.

Living this way means giving up that sense of anxious control where you “need” to make
something happen— in truth, you do not have nearly as much control over life as you might
want or think. What you need to do is breathe deeply, get your back rubbed, and trust that your
body-being (and your community) knows how to do this thing called life.

I hope to see you this Sunday, Jan 20th at Nile Hall in Preservation Park, Oakland at 6:30pm
for Honoring Legacies of Justice: 40 Years of Roe v Wade. For more details please visit:



Thank you for your generosity


Woohoo! We met our fundraising goal even before reaching the end date of our fund drive. Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation or helped pass the word that we were looking for support.

 These funds will help us train new abortion doulas, provide at-home support for women having medication abortions, and grow our monthly Salon Series speaker's bureau events to reach larger Bay Area audiences.

If you had intended to donate this week, please check out our amazing partner organization ACCESS. ACCESS says, "The heart of our work is our bilingual Healthline, which connects women and girls throughout California to information, referrals and advocacy on sexual and reproductive health issues." We hope you'll be as generous with them as you've been with us.