Bowlin’ to Knock Down Abortion Barriers!

We are truly excited to announce that April’s Salon Series will be a blast – full of beer, bowlin’, raising bucks! Join us on Saturday, April 20th, at Albany Bowl for a fun filled night of bowling and raising funds to help pay for abortions for those who need them. Our team, the Double Strike Doulas, will be kicking some serious butt to raise funds to help low-income folks who contact our dear friends at ACCESS Women’s Health Justice during the National Network of Abortion Funds’ Bowl-a-Thon 2013

Come Cheer on the Double Strike Doulas!

When: Saturday, April 20th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Where: Albany Bowl
540 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, 94706
Why: Because building community and raising funds for a great cause is fun!
Think you can take on our team by raising more funds and knocking down more pins? Challenge accepted! Grab 4-6 friends and create a team of your own

Can’t come out and play? That’s okay, we’ll catch you at the next Salon Series. But feel free to make a donation to support those in need. 🙂

But wait, why are you raising funds to pay for abortions? Can’t people pay for them on their own?
Unfortunately, due to the Hyde Amendment, no federal funds can be used to pay for abortions, and with fewer and fewer insurance carriers paying for them (and many don’t have insurance), lots of folks who want abortions have to pay out of pocket or simply can’t afford them. Not to mention the amount of money it costs to travel to a clinic these days! Take a look at the infographic from the Guttmacher Institute and another from the Third Wave Foundation to learn what it really costs to have an abortion.

How do women pay for abortions? Mostly out of pocket.
What it really takes to get an abortion

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Serious question, how many times have you seen anatomy photos with Black women and Black babies in the womb? At the doctors office, medical books, anywhere?

This image is not only beautiful but it's POWERFUL @ebereillustrate MORE OF THIS PLEASE😍

This is one reason that keeping abortion legal is not enough. It's already extremely difficult for many people -- even in CA -- to arrange funding, travel, childcare, etc. It's also why we do what we do. When things are already that hard, it's vital to have a support system.

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Abortion Access Limited for Many Living in Rural California

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