Freedom For Birth

The new documentary Freedom for Birth, from the makers of Doula!, screened in San Francisco on October 10 for an audience of 80 community members.  According to the film-makers’ website, “Freedom for Birth is a new 58 minute campaigning film that re-frames Human Rights as the most pressing issue in childbirth today.”
In case you missed a screening, they are planning a 15-20 minute web version to be released sometime this month. Also check out One World Birth where, “The world’s birth experts discuss the latest thinking & research in short, bite-sized video clips that are based around a central theme each month.”
After the San Francisco screening, a group has been coalescing to address the state of maternity care in San Francisco. You’re invited to their first meeting:

To strategize on how we can achieve a woman-centered approach to maternity care please bring your wisdom, experience, ideas and energy to our inaugural meeting at:

6-8pm, November 14th 2012 – The Women’s Building, Room A

At this meeting we can discuss

  • How we want to contribute
  • Who we want to be working with, and
  • What we can start doing now to raise awareness and help shift the status quo towards a more enlightened, truthful and respectful maternity service
We can also decide what we want to call ourselves.

Please RSVP to alicemeganstroud @ 

Here’s a few more resources on human rights in childbirth, from the organizers of the new, as yet unnamed group: 
A key takeaway from the conversation after the film screening is that birthing women need to know their rights.  They need to know them in order to claim them, and also to expand on them where they are sorely lacking.  Please check out this excellent document, and consider including it in the materials you share with pregnant moms, forwarding to OB GYNs you know, circulating around nursing schools, posting on Facebook etc.  I’m attaching it to this email as well. It’s going into my doula packet of information that I give out to all pregnant mamas from now on.
There are many amazing resources for us to draw on to help us build on the momentum already generated, and many great organizations for us to learn from and work with. For example, the US-based BOLD movement – a global movement to make maternity care mother friendly.  
Momentum is still building to free Agnes Gereb, and to put an end to human rights violations in childbirth.  For a quick and easy next step, please take a min to sign each of these petitions.

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