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To Request a FREE BADP-trained DOULA: Contact our partner organization ACCESS at 1.800.376.4636

Para Pedir una Doula GRATIS entrenado por BADP: Llama al ACCESS 1.888.442.2237



While providing the obvious benefits of privacy, confidentiality, and comfort, medication abortions may be difficult for folks who may want or need support during their experience. Doulas offer physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual support during your medication abortion experience.


When you contact ACCESS, you’ll be matched with a BADP-trained doula who will arrange to meet with you to talk about your plan and timing for your abortion. In order to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, we ask that you meet or speak with the doula several hours before the second medication is taken.Together, you will decide what type of support you want. Types of support include:

  • Physical Support:  breathing techniques, light massage, heating pad/rice sock, soothing teas and comfort food, aromatherapy, explanations/demonstrations of positions that alleviate cramping, and guided visualization to help manage pain.

  • Emotional/Spiritual Support:  creating ceremonies or rituals to address loss and healing, lighting of candles, providing space for you to talk about your thought and feelings, helping you create your story and record your experience in writing, reading a poem, etc. Your doula will also help you redirect thoughts, and provide distraction to alleviate discomfort.

  • Informational Support:  Your doula is a non-medical support person and will not be providing medical services or advice. Your doula is, however, trained to recognize warning signs and can provide an extra cushion of safety for you.


Your doula will come to your home 30-60 minutes before you take the second medication, around the time you may choose to take your pain medication. Your doula can stay at least eight hours, and may choose to stay longer if you both agree. Your doula will bring a support kit, with a rice sock, tea, fresh flowers, and other comfort items.

After the abortion experience, your doula will call you within 24 hours to check in, and again after your follow up visit in the clinic for another check-in. You will be given a list of after-abortion resources, which will include books and talkline numbers. As an organization, ACCESS will remain as available to you as possible for future support.

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