March Salon Series: Dancing for Birth Workshop

Join us for an interactive workshop led by Dancing for Birth instructor Jyesha Wren. This event is open to all and will be especially relevant for expectant parents; those who are considering conceiving as well as those who work with people through labor.
“By encouraging a woman to dance during her birth we empower her to actively participate and rejoice in her labor, to embrace her labor’s unique rhythm and unfolding, to love her voluptuous pregnant body, and to trust in her baby’s and her own inner knowledge of how to birth. The ebullience she experiences will spill over to infuse her parenting and her life with joy.” – Stephanie Larsen, Founder of Dancing For BirthTM

When: March 10th 7-9pm
Where: In the Dance Studio at 9 Langton St., San Francisco, CA
Cost: FREE! (We will pass a hat and ask for donations to BADP)
Accessibility: The space is not wheelchair accessible (very sorry!). Babes in arms are welcome. Please email salon_fund@bayareadoulaproject [dot] org or send us a note on facebook if you have any questions about accessibility
Dancing For Birth™ prenatal/postpartum classes teach a “language of movement” specially designed for women in any stage of pregnancy or who are planning to conceive and for postpartum women wearing their babies in soft slings or wraps. The movements are inspired by ancient dance forms like Belly dance (created by/for birthing women) and African dance, and combine dance and fitness with rare essential childbirth preparation skills such as optimal maternal and fetal positioning. 
Stephanie Larson DFB, CD(DONA), CBE, BFA, founded Dancing For Birth™ in 2000, when she realized that her lifelong dance experience which had helped her give birth naturally was a benefit to her birth doula and childbirth education clients as well. “The first step to a satisfying birth,” says Larson, “is to listen to your baby via your body—and move accordingly. For many women this means laboring and birthing actively, in a forward-leaning vertical position, out of bed.” By moving instinctively, using gravity and positioning to their advantage, women can temporarily enlarge the dimensions of their pelvis for the baby’s passage, help their babies rotate and descend, help reduce unnecessary interventions and enjoy natural pain relief. 
Dancing For Birth™ workshops came to the attention of the widely respected organizations DONA International and Lamaze International, which invited Larson to give presentations to childbirth professionals from around the world at their international conferences. In 2007, Larson began holding Dancing For Birth ™ Instructor Training workshops. DFB instructors come from varied backgrounds, such as birth and postpartum doulas, midwives, nurses, and childbirth educators; dance, yoga and fitness teachers; massage therapists; moms and birth enthusiasts. 

Presenter Bio:
Jyesha Wren is currently a Nurse Midwifery student at the University of California, San Francisco, and a long time dancer with a passion for empowering women to have positive birthing experiences. Her dance background includes a variety of Afro-Latin styles, primarily the energetic and joyful Brazilian Samba. In 2011 she completed Stephanie Larsen’s Dancing for Birth instructor training program.


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