Meet the Doulas: Eliana Rubin

Who are the doulas who volunteer with the Bay Area Doula Project?  They’re amazing, diverse people, doing so much great work in the world, it’s hard to believe any of them has time to volunteer with us. We’ve been using this space to introduce you to many of the BADP doulas.  This week, meet Eliana Rubin.

Eliana is a local organizer in the Bay Area working towards a liberatory praxis for supporting people throughout their reproducive experiences. They are a full spectrum doula and work with currently and previously incarcerated people around sexuality, gender, identity and reproductive health. Eliana graduated from a self-directed bachelors program at Goddard College in Health Arts & Sciences in which their focus was on herbs and traditions for reproductive life transitions. Eliana’s work as a doula brings together their passions for justice and empathic health-care. They joined the BADP Salon Series team in 2013 and have deeply appreciated being a part of shaping community dialogues that allow us to network, learn, grow and build the movement. And for good measure (to not let “work” be what defines them) they ride their bike along the bay, dig their hands in the dirt, escape to the hills for adventure times, sing silly ditties, get down on the dance floor, and hold hands with loved ones. 

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BREAKING: @JackBox workers at 8655 Auburn Blvd in Roseville, CA are ON STRIKE.

After learning about our rights and the law, we realized there's systemic wage theft at this location.

One of the workers on strike has been a victim of wage theft for *17 years*


This is an important step. Now we need justice for Adora Perez, and to get rid of Kings County DA Keith Fagundes.

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