Meet the doulas: Poonam Dreyfus-Pai

Who are the doulas who volunteer with the BADP?  They’re amazing, diverse people, doing so much great work in the world, it’s hard to believe any of them has time to volunteer with us.  We’ve been using this space to introduce you to many of the BADP doulas.  Today, meet Poonam, one of the BADP’s Coordinators, who keeps our organization running. 


Poonam Dreyfus-Pai (Co-Coordinator) comes to the Bay Area Doula Project by way of its sister NYC-based organization, The Doula Project, where she volunteered as an abortion doula for 2 years. She is currently a graduate student in the concurrent MPH/MSW program at UC Berkeley, with concentrations in Maternal and Child Health, and Management and Planning of Social Welfare Services. In her role as a doula, she has seen first-hand how important and transformative an abortion experience can be in a compassionate environment. Poonam has also been a volunteer counselor with Exhale’s after-abortion talkline since the Fall of 2011, and has, in the role of Training and Engagement intern, trained and provided programmatic support to new talkline counselors. Since February 2012, she has been an intern in the Social and Emotional Aspects of Abortion (SEAA) program atANSIRH (of UCSF’s Bixby Center), where she researches women’s disclosures of pregnancy experiences and abortion stigma. Poonam is grateful to have borne witness to the abortion experiences of so many women, and is thrilled to be a part of the Bay Area’s vast network of organizations dedicated to reproductive justice. She works to cultivate a social environment that is supportive of all people’s sexual health choices and experiences, and is honored to continue her work as an abortion doula with the BADP. In her spare time, she can be found running, singing, cooking, or chasing after her cats with her husband. 

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