Monthly Link Roundup

This month’s articles centered around several major topics with a variety of news, commentary, and informational pieces. 

The tragic death of Savita Halappanavar in October and subsequent protest in Ireland and beyond generated a flurry of important opinion pieces and commentary. “Ireland’s Abortion Debate Heats Up” provides a thorough background on the current state of the debate, while this piece by an Irish woman who had an abortion while on exchange in America provides a personal perspective. This interview by New Scientist with OB/GYN Lisa Harris talks about the ethical case for abortions and physicians’ motivation of conscience in abortion provision.

Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH)’s Turnaway Study was featured in several blogs last month including Think Progress, Strong Families, and most extensively, io9, which discussed the two-year findings of the planned five-year study as presented recently at the American Public Health Association conference here in San Francisco. What is the Turnaway Study? As written on io9, “There has been no sustained effort to study what happens to women who want abortions but can’t get them due to restrictive rules. Until now. These women are called turnaways. A new longitudinal study reveals what happens to their economic position, health, and relationship status after seeking an abortion and being denied it.” 

Contraception was another hot topic this past month, with the United Nations declaring access to birth control a “universal human right” and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists calling for oral contraceptives to be available over the counter without a prescription. One of the most read articles on our Facebook page this month was this incredibly well-written story on RH Reality Check of one person’s experience having an abortion after getting pregnant with an IUD. Focusing on positive experiences of many with IUDs, this piece from New York Magazine made the argument that the exuberance and enthusiasm of many IUD users serves as a form of evangelism for this birth control method. Rounding out the contraceptive theme is this really cute and informative video from asapSCIENCE about how emergency contraception works.

Several excellent articles on privilege were posted on our Facebook page this past month, including “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack of Pregnancy Privilege” and “How to Talk to Someone About Privilege Who Doesn’t Know What That Is.”

This grim article and story from NPR discusses the health care inadequacies faced by teenage women in juvenile detention.

Finally, the fabulous folks involved with the Bay Area Doula Project continue to inspire and amaze, and several members of the organization were featured on other websites. Alexandra Smelick was the featured doula in the November/December San Francisco General Hospital Volunteer Doula Program doula spotlight, Poonam Dreyfus-Pai was profiled on the Radical Doula blog, and Renee Bracey Sherman and Poonam were both named on this list of millennial feminists.

What articles moved/interested you this month?

-Kelly N., BADP blog co-manager

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