Moon Blood Magic with La Loba Loca


by: Scarlett McIntosh and Lauren MacDonald 

 Our February Salon Series was led by La Loba Loca, a wearer of many hats and holder of an abundance of knowledge to share with the world. From making colorful menstrual pads, to coordinating Abuelita Knowledge shares, advocating for reproductive justice, training as a midwife, creating online communities about radical mooning, to plant medicine and consultations, Loba’s dedication towards building community is evident to me.

During the Salon Series, Loba did a beautiful job weaving the role of menstruation as an indicator of health through (re)claiming your body and community. She discussed the importance of decolonizing practices, challenging white supremacy and voicing the herstories of people of color and the menstrual practices that are ancestral to their being.

There was an emphasis throughout the night of (re)claiming menstruation and bodies. I really appreciated the perspective that is all too often forgotten or ignored: menstruation is a positive, natural life force and is not dirty or unclean! She uplifted the unique power of menstrual blood as being blood that is not shed over violence. In (re)claiming bleeding time she offered using it to set intentions, to release things we are holding that do not serve us, and welcome the new. Loba shared ideas for self care during bleeding time: setting time and space to be alone, baths, steams, massage, exercise, and gardening. Menstruation became a practice of shedding and rebuilding and an image many social justice folks in the room could connect with: a tool for liberation.

One of the biggest take homes for me was the responsibility we have as human beings to body sovereignty. Each of our bodies are different and respond differently to our environment and to what we put in, on, or do with our bodies. The collective experiences during moon time can be extremely valuable as a community trying to (re)claim this time and liberate ourselves from others that commodify, repackage and resell, and remove us from the knowledge and tools about our own bodies.  

La Loba drew one of the biggest crowds the Salon Series has seen. It was refreshing to share space with so many new faces. Thank you to all who came out!

I encourage everyone to check out La Loba Loca’s website to learn more about Moon Blood Magic.

Finally, it was a huge honor to have La Loba Loca in the circle! Immense gratitude for moon blood magic!


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