National Full-Spectrum Network Website is Live!

After several months (years, if you think of the history of experiences that has led to the creation of full-spectrum doulas!) of thinking, feeling, and acting, the Full-Spectrum Reproductive Support Network website ( is “live.” This National Network works to support pregnant people across the spectrum of pregnancy experiences–birth, miscarriage, abortion, and postpartum care. Hooray!

As of now, there are 8 states and 9 organizations represented on the Full-Spectrum Reproductive Support Network website: California (BADP and Autonomous Communities for Reproductive and Abortion Support),  Connecticut (The Weslyan Doula Project),  Illinois (The Chicago Doula Circle),  Massachussetts (The Boston Doula Project), Minnesota (The Spiral Collective),  New York (The Doula Project), North Carolina (The Open Umbrella Collective), Texas (The Cicada Collective).

There are other full-spectrum doula support organizations active, such as Full-Spectrum Doulas in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the DC Doulas for Choice Collective, who are not (yet) on the national website. But there is a form for new groups to join — the Network wants to include and profile the work being done by full-spectrum groups all over the nation! 

The website will help facilitate people getting the reproductive support they need, whether it is practical (rides, housing, resources) or doula support. It will also help people donate, and direct potential abortion doulas to trainings, and will allow full-spectrum groups to collaborate, share resources, and stay connected to the larger reproductive health, rights, and justice movement. 

This is a huge step in asserting the presence of full-spectrum doula support; and, thus, in reducing abortion and general reproductive health care stigma, because it puts out the word–on a national level–that abortion and doula care go together. We are growing, solidifying our presence and connections, breaking down patriarchal oppression experience by experience.

Check it out!

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BREAKING: @JackBox workers at 8655 Auburn Blvd in Roseville, CA are ON STRIKE.

After learning about our rights and the law, we realized there's systemic wage theft at this location.

One of the workers on strike has been a victim of wage theft for *17 years*


This is an important step. Now we need justice for Adora Perez, and to get rid of Kings County DA Keith Fagundes.

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