Non-Attached to Outcome Motivational Interviewing in Full Spectrum Work

by: Lauren MacDonald 


Maggie Downey and Svea Vikander joined us for our March Salon Series and brought along their toolbox for motivational interviewing and how it can be applied to full spectrum work. Both coming from professional backgrounds, Maggie MSW and PHD student and Svea, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, presented in a very compassionate and relaxed way the history, basics and applications of motivational interviewing.They have adapted the traditonal MI pillars and added in the concept of “Non-Attached to Outcome Motivational Interviewing” to make the practice more inclusive. 

What is NAOMI you might ask and why should you consider diving in to learn more. I like this quote from the presnetation, NAOMI is “…a soft way of helping people take a hard look at themselves.” In all our interactions we with other people, friends, family, clients, cowokers, strangers, we can hear people talk about change. Talk about how they should, could, will do better, make the move, stop. When we hear change talk we are typically compelled to do something. I appreciate NAOMI because it reminds me that my role is not to make the change, it is to listen, reflect, and illicit more coverstion. NAOMI can be a super useful framework to support us as we hold up the mirror for folks to hear and see the change talk too and make the move within themselves to change. 

Maggie and Svea were so well prepared with a beautiful powerpoint and handouts I have little to write up as a summary because the information is now at your fingertips! BADP Motivational Interviewing Presenation and Handouts. Also, for the first time ever we recorded the event presentation so you can listen in and pretend you hauled through the rain that night to be in the living room with us! Motivational Interviewing Presentation Recording

Thank you Maggie and Svea for coming to share and giving us all more tools to work with! 

If their is any difficulty with the links please do not hesistate to reach out to the team 


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