Notes From The Salon: Technology For A Hands-On Movement

The September BADP salon, Technology For A Hands-On Movement, featured a wide-ranging discussion of technology and social media use.  In attendance were representatives from the BADP, the Birth Justice Project, Rock Health, and ReBirthing Collective, as well as community members.

This topic is big! Doulas can choose among lots of widely used internet tools: Facebook, twitter, google apps, websites, podcasts, the old fashioned – ok, usually mobile – telephone, and much more. Some of these tools facilitate inward-facing communication and others are better for supporting outward-facing messaging.

When sending messages outward, it makes sense to be careful in branding. It may be idealistic, but by being “loud” perhaps we can create the reality we wish to see in the world. We can build from storytelling, to participating in a conversation, to helping to build a movement, and partnering with tech folks can help us to amplify our voices.

Some less well known resources that folks mentioned during the discussion included:
Launch Rock – “Set up a ‘Launching Soon’ page in minutes”
Crunched – “Online meetings you can measure”
Workflowy – “Organize your brain”
Get Satisfaction – “Engage your customers for ongoing customer feedback”

To that list we could add some resources specific to our work as doulas:
Full Spectrum Doula Network – “News, Resources, and Community for Full Spectrum Doulas”
#doulaparty – “Support, information sharing, brainstorming, problem solving, changing the world of birth through connection and social media.”
Birthswell – “Spread your birth genius”

What doula messages do you want to see when you turn on your computer or pick up your phone?


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