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Here is a map with locations of abortion/full-spectrum doula groups. Created by Full-Spectrum Doula Circle


 The Doula Project – New York, NY

The Doula Project is an NYC-based organization that provides free compassionate care and emotional, physical, and informational support to people across the spectrum of pregnancy.  The Doula Project works to create a society in which all pregnant people have access to the care and support they need during their pregnancies and the ability to make healthy decisions for themselves, whether they face birth, miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal anomaly, or abortion.


Full Spectrum Doulas – Seattle, WA

Full Spectrum Doulas is a growing collective of doulas and reproductive justice advocates who are working throughout the Pacific Northwest to bring the doula model of care to people across the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences, including abortion, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage and stillbirth.


Open Umbrella Collective – Asheville, NC

We are a volunteer-based organization located in Asheville, NC.  We believe that pregnant people are the experts in their processes.  We are working towards creating a world in which all pregnant people are provided emotional, physical, and informational support regardless of the course their pregnancy takes – whether it be birth, miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal anomaly, or abortion.


Kaleidoscope Doula Care – Chicago, IL

At Kaleidoscope Doula Care, we are committed to providing doula support for ALL pregnant people and are especially excited to work with teens, LBTQ, and surrogates for gay families. At Kaleidoscope Doula Care, we value and trust women across the spectrum of pregnancy, recognizing the power and importance of doula support. Because of this, we also proudly offer abortion doula care.


Spectrum Doula Collective – Piedmont Triad, NC

The Spectrum Doula Collective is a central NC-based project that aims to provide compassionate care to any person experiencing any pregnancy outcome.  We are committed to helping facilitate the pregnant person’s process as defined by them through our continued emotional, physical, and informational support.  Abortion doulas, adoption doulas, birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and doulas who specialize in compassionate care during miscarriage and stillbirth.


Boston Doula Project – Boston, MA

The Boston Doula Project provides free, compassionate and empowering support to people experiencing abortion. We promote the doula model of physical, emotional, spiritual and informational support for people  throughout the full spectrum of reproductive experiences.

L.A Doula Project – Los Angeles, CA

The L.A. Doula Project provides women with free, compassionate, not-judgmental, physical, emotional and informational support across the spectrum of pregnancy.


 Calyx Doulas – Portland, OR

Calyx Doulas is a collective of doulas who believe all pregnancy experiences deserve compassionate support.  We provide free, non-medical, and peer support for women who are experiencing abortion, adoption, or pregnancy loss.  Our doulas have backgrounds in women’s reproductive health, pregnancy options counseling, and doula care that give us a unique perspective to support women through the full continuum of pregnancy.

 The Bridge Collective – Austin, TX

We are a collective of doulas trained to offer emotional, physical, and informational support services to clients who are pregnant; looking for contraceptive information; adopting; seeking abortions; trying to get pregnant; and/or are new parents.

DC Doulas for Choice Collective – Washington, DC

The DC Doulas for Choice Collective is a DC-based, volunteer-led-and-run, pro-choice organization that seeks to provide doula care to people across the full spectrum of reproductive health, pregnancy, and choice. We specialize in working with those who are seeking abortion for any reason, choosing adoption, or anyone who would otherwise be unable to access birth support due to economic barriers.


 Wesleyan Doula Project – Central Connecticut

The Wesleyan Doula Project is a student-run, volunteer collective focused on providing free, non-judgemental support for people choosing to terminate their pregnancies.  We have a partnership with a nearby Planned Parenthood clinic, and work with a large and diverse client population.  We also engage in community activism and advocacy within the reproductive justice movement.  Our goal is to create a compassionate and inclusive community, responsive to people’s unique needs and experiences with pregnancy.


 Spiral Collective – Twin Cities, Minnesota

SPIRAL Collective believes that everyone deserves access to trained, respectful, non-judgmental doulas as well as information and education about pregnancy options. We aim to provide continuous education, physical support, and emotional support for all pregnancy options whether people choose to give birth with the intent to parent, give birth with an adoption plan, or have an abortion. We also support those experiencing assisted reproduction, infertility, loss, or miscarriage.


Cicada Collective – North Texas

The Cicada Collective aims to provide access to reproductive resources such as abortion doula services, informational support, and transportation/lodging possibilities for people in North Texas who are seeking abortions.


 Autonomous Communities for Reproductive & Abortion Support (ACRAS) – Los Angeles, CA

ACRAS is a group of people of color based in Los Angeles, CA interested in providing Abortion Doula/Support and Reproductive Justice information to People of Color in the area. They are interested in educating communities, organizing with them and bringing necessary resources to build a movement towards reproductive liberation and body autonomy.



Chicago Doula Circle – Illinois

The mission of Chicago Doula Circle is to increase access and provide emotional, physical, physical and educational support to people during their abortion experiences. All support is provided on a no-cost volunteer basis.




 Baltimore Doulas for Choice – Maryland

Baltimore Doulas for Choice is a volunteer-led-and-run, reproductive justice organization that seeks to provide doula care for people seeking abortion for any reason.

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