Our ongoing training for in-home abortion support – in pictures

At last weekend’s quarterly meeting which also serves as continuing training for volunteer doulas, our facilitator told us that the most important thing for supporting others is to be in a grounded place ourselves. Then she asked us to put away our notebooks and focus on beng fully present for guided meditation, a listening exercise, and massage instruction.

So I don’t have a lot of notes from the gathering, but she and I did manage to snap a few pictures.

PS. Thanks to The Radical Doula for sharing the news that we’re now offering in-home support for medication abortion. We’d be grateful to anyone else who can help us get the word out.


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Serious question, how many times have you seen anatomy photos with Black women and Black babies in the womb? At the doctors office, medical books, anywhere?

This image is not only beautiful but it's POWERFUL @ebereillustrate MORE OF THIS PLEASEšŸ˜

This is one reason that keeping abortion legal is not enough. It's already extremely difficult for many people -- even in CA -- to arrange funding, travel, childcare, etc. It's also why we do what we do. When things are already that hard, it's vital to have a support system.

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Abortion Access Limited for Many Living in Rural California

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