Pregnancy Options 101

We’re super excited to be co-sponsorig this event:

Pregnancy Options 101: listening & learning together

Thursday, February 21, 2013 9am to 4pm in Oakland, CA

facilitated by Parker Dockray and Alicia Walters

There are over six million pregnancies in the United States each year. Women report that about half of these pregnancies are planned; the other half are not.

Are you familiar with the resources available to women considering abortion, adoption, and parenting? Come to the Pregnancy Options 101 workshop to listen and learn more about these options with your local Bay Area colleagues!

Pregnancy Options 101 offers a unique opportunity to enhance your ability to provide high-quality services. Workshop participants will:

  • explore your own values around unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy options

  • receive up-to-date information about current practices in abortion, adoption, and parenting

  • learn new tools for unbiased and nonjudgmental counseling and education,

  • engage in conversations and build stronger networks with allies in the Bay Area

    Join us to re-charge, reconnect, and explore new ways to support people across the full spectrum of reproductive decisions. Co-sponsored by ACCESS Women’s Health Justice, Bay Area Doula Project, Women’s Options Center, Adoption Connection, and Homeless Prenatal Program.

    Don’t miss out! Register today at

    Early Registration fee is $50, which includes food, materials, and a certificate of completion. Groups of 3 or more who register together receive a 15% discount. Questions? Contact Backline at 503.287.4344 or 

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Serious question, how many times have you seen anatomy photos with Black women and Black babies in the womb? At the doctors office, medical books, anywhere?

This image is not only beautiful but it's POWERFUL @ebereillustrate MORE OF THIS PLEASEšŸ˜

This is one reason that keeping abortion legal is not enough. It's already extremely difficult for many people -- even in CA -- to arrange funding, travel, childcare, etc. It's also why we do what we do. When things are already that hard, it's vital to have a support system.

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