Support BADP in our Year End Fundraising Campaign

This year has been an eventful one for BADP! We launched a successful program to support people having medication abortions at home.  In addition to providing in-home care, BADP trained doulas are now providing support at Women’s Health Specialists, Planned Parenthood Santa Rosa, and San Francisco General.  Our Salon Series celebrated its one-year anniversary of hosting free community events on a full range of topics related to reproductive health and justice.  And, we continue to work tirelessly to grow the full-spectrum doula movement: we trained over 60 doulas here in the Bay Area, as well The Cicada Collective, a new full-spectrum project in Denton, TX. In January of 2014, we will be training the newly-formed Boston Doula Project.

Beyond any of the accomplishments above: it is the words of those whom we serve that best articulate the importance of our collective efforts:

“Words cannot express how thankful I am that [the doula] was with me yesterday. I was scared and also felt nervous that I was “supposed” to be… more sad that I actually felt. But I felt — even now you can see — just this crazy blend of emotions… I felt so comforted, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.”

Many of the people we offered Doula support to this year also received support from ACCESS Women’s Health Justice, which is why we are thrilled to be in the final stages of developing a formal partnership with this organization.  (Stay tuned for a detailed announcement of the partnership in January!)

This partnership will mean improved service to our community, and is a powerful example of reproductive justice organizations coming together around shared values.  It will make us stronger advocates and activists, and enable us to more easily provide doula services and meet the needs of our clients.

BADP is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization and has done this great work on a very small budget of personal donations. This holiday we ask you to consider giving to the Bay Area Doula Project to help volunteer doulas to support pregnant people and families before, during, and after their reproductive experiences. 

Please see below for how to donate.

In gratitude,

Bay Area Doula Project

To donate directly to BADP*:

A.  Donate online with a credit or debit card on our website.

B.   Send a check made out to Liz Donnelly (our treasurer) to:

P.O. Box 3609
Oakland, CA 94609

*donations made directly to BADP are not tax deductible*

To make a tax deductible donation:

A.  Donate online with a credit or debit card here.  In “Step 2/Contact Info” on the bottom left of the donation page, please write in the box titled “In honor of”

B.  Send a check made out to ACCESS.  Please be sure to write BADP in the memo.

ACCESS Women’s Health Justice
P.O. Box 3609
Oakland, CA 94609

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